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Just a few years ago, I was working 80 hours a week, we were living paycheck to paycheck, and my health was down the tubes!

Today, everything has changed!

  • My wife & I enjoy each other more than ever before
  • We're working a viable business- together- that I never dreamed I would be doing
  • I'm stronger- and in better shape- than I was in college
  • I actually enjoy what I do, and look forward to getting up each day

I'm not saying you need a career change. I'm not suggesting you should even do this "essential oil thing" full time (those are things for you to decide). 

Here's what I AM saying...

If you're a guy, I AM SUGGESTING that you should at least take a look at the opportunity before you. Learn a few things, give your wife a hand, alright?

If you're a gal- and you're guy isn't onboard- I THINK YOU COULD LEARN A LOT BY LOOKING AT THINGS FROM A GUY'S PERSPECTIVE. News flash: guys & gals think differently!

I'll outline the path we took- and navigate you to success, regardless of where you're coming from!

The process we used is available to you- INSTANT ACCESS!

This online product includes the eBook that chronicles my journey- I'll navigate you to the same success!

First: Read + Listen to all of the following- your on-ramp from "ZERO TO HERO"

I thought Young Living was a "Ma & Pa" shop- and I wondered what in the world my wife was doing!

She told me how much money people were making in the company-  I thought she'd lost her mind. 

And she explained that the business model was real- I thought this was just a temporary fad.

So I dug deep- beyond what you can find with just a little Googling around. I read the good, the bad, the great, the ugly. The things I learned will astound you.

Once I saw the company was legit, I wanted to know what in the world they were selling!

Snake oils, voodoo... a scam...

... you know the drill.

You've heard it. I spent hours researching and learned the beautiful story of the products didn't begin with the inception of the company, the story of the oils is CENTURIES old!

Yes- I searched the story and learned the science AND the Scripture (yeah, that's part of the story) behind the products...

And, I learned why this company was qualitatively better than the others that were out there (no disrespect intended, right?).

Sometimes, it just is what it is...

In chapter 3 of the book- and audiobook- I'll explain to you, in simple terms, how essential oils work. It will blow your mind!

The problem was, even though the products were great, and even though I got past questions I had about the company, I was SURE that this was a "pyramid" thing, and that I was going to have to go door-to-door, sell to all my friends, and become "that guy" in order to help my wife out!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Turns out, though, that networking marketing is a legit business model.

In fact, it's the best- and it's endorsed by some of the top names in ANY kind of biz.

So, I decided to help her out... and I created a 7-step plan to do it...

No wories. I'll outline the steps for you- and you can move right through them. Some are easy; some require a bit of thought... but you'll be able adapt them in the way that works best for you.

Once you make YOUR plan, you'll want to put it into action...

... and, if you see WHERE you want to be... you can "reverse engineer" your way to get there...  whether it invovles more time with your family, a better financial outlook, an actual savings account, going on a vacation, or even blessing others in some way.



But know that you don't have to fix everything at once. Doing just a little bit every day makes a HUGE impact. 

Think about it- getting 1% better each day is hardly unnoticeable. That's why no one does it. It doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere.

But in just 3-6 months of consistent & small efforts, you're almost TWICE as good as you are now. And things begin looking up. Way up.

No worries- I'll show you what I mean :-)

After the first run of this book it hit me, many of the people reading it are women- 

(Some even bought it for their husbands, but couldn't get them to read it!)

I don't break the "man code," but I do give the ladies some tips on how to appeal to the guys! So, if you're a woman trying to make sense of your man, read on!

Second: Watch 6 videos to help you get the most of what you're learning (or, skip straight to the watching, OK?!)

After writing the book, I captured some of the highlights on video

I'll teach you one-on-one everything I learned about moving from "zero to hero" in my own house, I'll give you an on-ramp to do the same, and I'll show you how to get a "stand-off" spouse to come along-side you.

I'll give you those 3 videos + 3 more BONUS videos that drive deeper into the lessons I learned the hard way!

Bonus Video 1: The biggest lesson I learned happened here- 

I questioned the network marketing business model from the beginning. Then I was given a "gift." My wife launched her business at the same time I was involved in opening a HUGE thrift store. 

We opened our store for $100,000; she launched her business for less than $200 (and received over $350 worth of products when she did). 

Within a few months, her net profits each month blew ours out of the water- and she's still growing! Now, I wonder why I didn't start sooner!


Bonus Video 2: I learned a few tips from a guy who's wife is ultra-successful, too. 

He wrote it all down... 

... and then he let me capture it on video.

He's funny, honest- and gives you a ton of takeaways. And he does it in less than 10 minutes. He's practical, he's insightful, and he'll make you laugh hard at what's happening in your house right now!

Bonus Video 3: Let's be honest- there's a bit of comparison and "measuring up" in each of us, right?

In this short video, I talk about the facts that  

  1. Consistency always wins, and
  2. Comparison never helps

Stay on the right wrong long enough and you'll get to your destination- even if someone else started sooner or moves a bit faster.

The Husband's Field Guide = 294 page eBook, complete audiobook, 3 training videos + 3 bonus videos!

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You'll have instant access to the eBook + unabridged audiobook + videos

GET INSTANT ACCESS- and MAKE THE SHIFT TODAY! - just $37 for over $200 of value